Cheers! Now You Can Enjoy Reading Web Pages Without Internet


Google is introducing the offline webpage download features over page saving for offline use with Chrome for Android user keeping poor internet connectivity as the prime concern. To prop up the equality of enjoying chrome browsing, Google planned to follow its streaming media- YouTube row to let users carry on reading without connectivity huddlers and let them save those downloads for future.

Google claims 45 million webpages download through chrome every week that pushes Google to come up with in-build download concept available in the latest chrome update in app store for users. So wait no more. Update your chrome app now and relish the download feature to avoid no-internet situation.

All You Need To Do Is

  • Open the Google chrome
  • Search for a webpage with its URL
  • Click on the menu button at the top right corner or long press on the link
  • Click on the download button or Select the “download page later option”

Then Google Chrome automatically downloads the page and now you are all set to enjoy the page content without internet. When you open the browser next time it will display you the downloaded page and next time onwards whenever you are on a page and suddenly see the offline dinosaur it will bring “download page later” option along with it to let you download the page. To make the process easy, Chrome will display the entire list of your download at the top right of the screen.

With this, Google has set a milestone for the new generation mobile app development and drives the app developers to draw a big picture at mind with latest technology trends. Hope to see mobile app development companies trying to make big out of this with innovative mindset.


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